Model Aero

Antique ModelĀ Airplane EngineĀ  Kits and Stands

Model Ignition Airplane Engine Casting Kits

Kits available are:

Hassad/Shock $135 + Shipping
Hassad Custom $135 + Shipping
Cave Cobra $135 + Shipping
Octura 1210 $135 + Shipping

(Kits come with castings, screws and drawing set.)
Kits are also available for the Elf engine series in pre war, and post war, singles, twins and fours.
Singles are $ 90 , twins $130, fours $150, and the six would be $180 per kit.
Kits come with screws and drawing sets. Currently supply is very limited on these.

Most kits need to be custom cast for your order, and delivery can take 4 to 6 + weeks. Some times I do have several in stock.

New products: OK Engine Stands:

Small .049a, 049b to .14 $20 + Shipping
Medium .19 to .35 $35 + Shipping
Large .60 to 1.20 $45 + Shipping

See pictures. These come as cast , unfinished. The buyer has to cut the “U” Shape channel for the crank case, drill mount holes, and do any sanding and polishing.